Beer Review: Firestone Mind Haze IPA

Mind Haze scaled | Devils River Whiskey

 Firestone Walker Brewing Company, California

United States of America

  • Mind Haze | Devils River WhiskeyTested: 08/08/2021
  • Object: 1 can 12 fl oz (355ml)
  • ALC.: 6.2% alc. by vol.
  • Beer type: IPA
  • Color: Deep cloudy gold
  • Head: strong
  • Smell: hoppy, citrus, apricot, peach 
  • Taste: slightly hoppy, light and fruity 

Bottom Line/ Conclusion: 

The Firestone Mind Haze IPA tastes like a light summer beer that makes me wanna drink it after a long day at the beach. It has a strong fruity smell which makes it easy to consume and a solid IPA. I’d rather consider it to be a “light beer with a soft beer taste” than a “full-bodied, strong one”. Since I’m personally more of a Pilsner and Lager fan, I’d say it’s in the light bodied side, but overall a good IPA and enjoyable to drink, not too fruity or too bitter on taste which makes it a good fit for a warm summer evening.