The head of this IPA on a good pour is barely there more of a light film then a head, on a bad pour (which I did both for science purposes) was very bubbly three finger thick but dissipated easily. The body of this brew was a transparent lighter amber, a nearly clichéd coloring, very made for TV beer color. I myself don’t pay much attention to lace but this beer had a very bubbly lace that trailed down the glass nicely.

Aroma: Although Rough Draft’s website states Orange as a main ingredient to this Eraser IPA, I definitely didn’t smell it after the first pour. Major hints of pine and straw off the glass.

This brew is highly carbonated but not on the level of soda, however it made it an easy drink. The taste was very strong, which was a surprising throw off from the the coloring of the beer. An extreme linger of hop resin on the tongue throughout which if you are a fan of (I am) is very nice. Slight earthiness to the aftertaste that keeps a nice feeling all over. To my tastebuds not a single note of orange, strong malts an hop though.

I like to compare bottle by glass and so I took separate sips from the bottle directly, which I felt have only minor differences. The taste out of the bottle was less carbonated and more of an oak feel to it. Whereas the glass felt heavy in hops and pine.  The hop resin that lasts on your tongue makes this brew an easy finisher definitely a good last drink of the night beer.

It is in my personal opinion that this beer is a weaker version of Shock Top Wheat IPA

Poured from bottle to beer mug.

Alcohol Concentration: 7%

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