Appearance. – Small, easy head that leaves no lacing. The head is very sudsy and clean, disappearing almost instantly when being poured into a glass. The head was short during initial pour. The beer was easy to see through, not cloudy at all while still having a heavier golden appearance. I would describe the overall appearance as clean.

The aroma had a piney hop to it with a slightly malty backbone. The longer I took in the aroma, the more and more the piney scent became present and the malty tones faded away. The aroma was slightly floral but if anything wasn’t as fruity as expected.

The mouthfeel was fantastic, it was medium as expected from a West Coast IPA. There was a slight bitter sensation on the tongue but did not over pour how easy this beer was to drink. The crisp feel lasted as the beer was consumed, and the beer was not overly carbonated.

The taste of the beer was delicious and very hop forward. The floral bitterness was a positive in this West Coast IPA with the malty undertones appearing in the background. The initial tasting had a bitter forwardness that was piney and finished with the same clean bitterness. Hop flavor was abound in this beer, always being present during consumption.

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  1. EyeChartBrew

    The last two Duets I’ve had were less-than-stellar. A tad bubble-gummy, truth be told. I keep hoping that this is just a case of my taste buds being weird vice something more serious.


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