Unearthly sour!

This rarity from Lost Abbey was previously only released once, in 2009.  This time, Duck Duck Gooze was sold in advance on the Lost Abbey website for $40 a bottle.  The bottles were limited to 6 per person, and the high demand caused lostabbey.com to crash for a few hours.  I was fortunate enough to get a bottle and also shared one during something humans call “fantasy football draft”.

I poured about 6 ounces into a tulip glass and noticed the hazy, gold appearance with slight head and a thin ring.  It looked a bit light on carbonation but kept a light lace down the glass.  The beer looks very nice poured into a glass and the bottle looks fantastic.

Bringing this beer up to taste, I get a good whiff of big lemon and light oak and funk.  I can tell this thing is going to be sour.  I took a gulp and the taste was just like the smell.  Full of lemon, tart and some light peach and apple notes.  The finish is a little sweet with no funk aftertaste but still kinda dry.

For those not familiar with the geuze style, it is a Belgian style that uses wild yeast and tends to blend beer aged at different lengths of time.  They are sour in taste with lots of fruit flavors.  Duck Duck Gooze uses a lot of wheat in their grain profile and that adds a dry and creamy aspect to this well crafted beer.  If Duck Duck Gooze isn’t sour enough for your tastes, I recommend trying Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze which is by far, the tartest beer I have ever tried.

If you are into sour beers or want to try a world class beer, track down a bottle of Duck Duck Gooze!


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