The beer is as black as space itself with a small, but noticeable, creamy head that settles well painting small constellations in the lacing. An alien could get homesick looking at a glass of this stuff. The aromas detected in this brew were chocolate, roasted malt and coffee. These three smells were to be expected for this type of beer. The coffee aroma was not as strong as some other beers of this type.

Moving on to the favorite part of the review process… the drinking of this brew. The roasted malt flavor stands out prominently while the chocolate and coffee tastes are subtle enhancements. Despite the alcohol level, there is not a strong alcohol flavor. That factor alone allows this beer to be both a drinkable brew and a sipping brew, depending on your preference.
On the tongue, there is a medium to light feel enhanced by moderate carbonation. Unlike a lot of other stouts, this brew is not too heavy on the palette. The combination of smooth flavors and nice mouthfeel allowed this brew to provide a pleasant surprise to the non-stout drinking abductees that were part of this experiment, tasting.

Dark Seas is a great example of a Russian Imperial Stout. This alien approves of this brew and has added this beer to the list of beers that “need further study.”


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