CarrackToday, dear earthlings, I will be sitting down with The Carrack. An IMperial Red Ale, the Carrack appears a brilliant deep ruby color. It remains clear, with no haze and a small head that dissipated quickly. The aroma is heavy on rich malt notes but still subtle.

As I write this, I am curious what exatly a “Carrack” is. One moment.

Ah, yes, my translator tells me that a Carrack is a type of sea-going vessel even more primitive than what I have become accustomed to seeing on this planet.

The Carrack, however, is anything but primitive. This imperial red ale is quite bold. Immediate tastes are of sharp roasted malt with a huge punch of piney hops. A rough, fruit-like sweetness follows and nearly crowds out any hops. The fruit flavor is something of a berry nature. As the sweetness fades there is a resurgent bitterness that lingers on the palate for quite a while.

It is humorous to think that such a sophisticated beverage, as this, gets its namesake from something so Primitive it required wind to move anywhere. A much more fitting name would be, hmm, well I guess it is unpronounceable on your human tongues, but imagine the coolest spaceship you can, and it is 100 times more advanced than that.

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