As the title implies, Berlinersfields (with Apricot) is a Berliner-wise style beer from Dionysus Brewing Co. It sits at 4.4% ABV and about 2 IBU. 

The beer pours a light golden color with a nice white head that last for about a minute or so. No lacing on glass. There is a loud spice flavor throughout with Lemon, Citrus and Apricot. 

This medium bodied gem is super tart. On the nose, the pungent aroma of Apricot, Lemon, Citrus and Funk can be experienced by taking a good whiff. This is all about tropical fruits. Simply put: “Tart with a wheat-like smell but also a bit funky, everything you expect from a sour”. Your senses seem to come alive and you cannot wait to take a drink but be ready to pucker up.

On the tongue this sour style beer is super acidic. The mouthfeel is clean and inviting. Perfect carbonation and plenty tartness to remind you that you are drinking a sour beer.

This is not for a beginner sour beer drinker. For the rest of us, Berlinersfields is a well balance sour ale, super sour with enough sweetness to enjoy any day of the year. Not a lot of breweries can get the perfect balance of sourness and flavor like this. I have to say that, for now on, Dionysus and Phantom Carriage are my Go-To breweries for Berliner-wise style beers.



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