When this was brought to me with a fantastic space costume on the label, I was excited to experience this intoxicating beverage! The vessel is a 22oz bottle and poured it directly into a large tulip glass. I have had many India Pale Ales, but this is my first India Pale Lager.  I am excited to try Fathom IPL by Ballast Point!

The beer poured a medium gold with a very thick, fizzy head that settled down to a quarter inch head that left lacing down the whole glass. The carbonation bubbled the entire time and never once slowed down during the entire 40 minute drinking experience.

I gave it a smell and noticed citrus, pine, pineapple and spicy hops. I finally tasted the beer and noticed a light hop bitterness followed by citrus, pine, light fruit and finishing with sweet malt. The carbonation was heavy and the mouthfeel was crisp and light, but not watery.

This beer is recommended to IPA fans who may want something more clean and refreshing tasting, while still having full flavor and body. Don’t let the “lager” term scare you, this beer still rings in at 7%ABV and the IBUs are not listed but I am guessing it’s in the range of their Big Eye IPA.


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