When poured into the glass, had a small head, but the body had a rich red-brown color. The lacing clung to the side the glass and hand a brownish twinge to it. Rather opaque, only when held to the light can you get a glimpse through the deep amber color. The overall color was rich and mahogany in nature.

A very forward hoppy scent that is followed up with a malty aroma. This beers scent piles on the hop and lets you know it’s from Stone Brewing co. It’s a warm scent that also has a pine backbone that isn’t very floral or citrus in nature. The Ale has a small spice note that is tucked away under the powerful hops.

Rolls smoothly onto the tongue then punches you with bitterness. The bite lingers from the bready beer, triumphantly staying medium through drinking it. The carbonation is just right for this strong Ale, not being overpowering and not changing the tone. The ending taste of the Ale ends up being slightly dry which embraces the hop profile.

A powerful hop bitterness that is followed by a roasted malty flavor. Slightly nutty, and slightly caramely, that has a hint of a molasses charm. The hop is overpowering for the sweet tongue and also like the scent, has an almost spice twinge to it. The drink itself has a large character, instead of being thick or creamy its hoppy flavor does all the talking. I feel however there is not much balance, as it stays in the bitter side of things.

Closing – This classic craft beer has a potent experience that lives up to its name and heritage.

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