Beer Review: Alesmith and Revision “Split Aces” IPA

Terry Bunch Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief

Alesmith Brewing and Revision Brewing collaborated on this West Coast style IPA brewed with Idaho 7, Chinook, and Mosaic hops. For you humans who are familiar with Revision Brewing, a West Coast style IPA will seem odd since they are famous for their delicious hazy IPAs. Alternately, you humans that love Alesmith Brewing will not be surprised with the West Coast styling.

The most interesting thing about Split Aces, like all IPAs, is the blend of hops used. Combining flavors familiar with both hazy and West Coast IPAs, Split Aces has  tropical fruit and berry flavors accented with a slight pine flavor. Split Aces is refreshingly tasty with a clean, subtle bitter finish.  The pine flavor, for those of you who are not always a fan, is light and less “in your face” than a typical San Diego IPA. Luckily, Split Aces comes in four packs since this is a super easy to drink IPA.

We would recommend this IPA for all IPA fans as well as those of you humans who like pale ales but shy away from IPAs due to “over strong” flavors. To use a few appropriate cliches, Split Aces hits the jackpot and delivers two winning opportunities, Alesmith and Revision. Will they both become “21s” ? That humans, is for you to decide.

To get your own Split Aces, visit:   or for California delivery, order online.