Beer Review: Adroit Theory Brewing – Imagination Atrophy (Ghost 722)

Adroit Theory Imagination Beer scaled | Devils River Whiskey

Beer Alien’s German writer and self proclaimed “Worlds most famous beer drinker” Philipp Fechtig (@philipp) is back with another beer review. And we have another Adroit Theory Brewing Co. beer review for you humans.

  • Adroit Theory Imagination Beer 1 | Devils River WhiskeyBrewery: Adroit Theory Brewing Company, Purcellville, Virginia  
  • Origin: United States of America
  • Tested: 02/18/2020
  • Object: 1 pint 6 fl. oz Ghost 713
  • ALC.: 7.7% alc. by vol.
  • Beer type: Stout  
  • Color: dark/ black
  • Head: good/ declines quickly
  • Smell: aromatic coffee/ sweet 
  • Taste: sweet – coffee and cigar

Bottom Line/ Conclusion: 

I would like to quote the label on the beer first:

“we are being bombarded with constant over-stimulation until we are too numb to find anything that is satisfying. Hypnotized by an addiction to unending sensory input. We have become a desensitized to everything. There is something ominous about the way things have come to be. What ever became of subtlety, nuance? Can it possibly mean anything when we don’t feel anything.”

Very poetic, isn’t it? 

I think the presentation of the label and the idea of the beer is very well done. It makes you think about aroma, taste, flavor and even our society. It is about perceiving taste and sensory impressions. It is about creating awareness of nuances in our stimulus-flooded world. When you open the bottle you get a good foretaste of all the flavors that might come your way…because it smells very intensive!

And as soon as you start drinking that beer, you get a taste explosion in your mouth. 

After each sip, you catch yourself, trying to distinguish the flavors/aromas. (and there are plenty of that in this beer – cheesecake, cigar, caramel, coffee, milk)

I really enjoyed this beer, although I probably wouldn’t have thought about the taste that much without the quote on the label. The taste is very unique (strong, intense) and I have never had that before. You have to like this kind of taste to really enjoy the beer… but I would always recommend it! 

Awesome beer, good idea and perfect implementation… I have more than enjoyed it! 

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