BEER, FOOD, and FLAVOR: A Book Review

BEER, FOOD, and FLAVOR: A Book Review

BEER, FOOD, and FLAVOR: A Book Review


Book: BEER, FOOD, and FLAVOR: A Guide to Tasting, Pairing, and the Culture of Craft Beer
By Schuyler Schultz; November 3, 2015; $19.99

Beer, Food and Flavor CoverIn his new book, Schuyler Schultz demystifies the world of craft beer and food pairings. He provides an approachable guide on how to pair food and beer while he is careful not to oversimplify the subject. He cleverly starts out by educating the reader on how to taste beer, in order identify certain flavor profiles and characteristics. After you have the basics, he expands into the world of food.

He takes the reader on an vibrant, epicurean journey that leaves you with the confidence to select foods that bring out the best in a beer and even plan a milticourse dinner party with beer pairings. So far, the most comprehensible, easy-to-use and enjoyable book on the subject we have laid our alien hands on thus far!

Whether you are a complete newcomer to the wonderful world of craft beer or happen to be a culinary genius, this is a book you want to have on your shelf. It covers all the basics of beer and fine dining, while giving you expert insight into beer and cheese pairings, the philosophy of craft brewing, and even an abundance of information about notable American craft breweries. The photography of fine foods, cheeses, and craft beer labels alone can leave you paging through this 300-page guide for hours.

We enjoyed how Schultz made this book not just about good food and beer. He focuses on the industry and it’s changing role as part of the food movement in America. He writes:

“Craft beer is a vital part of this movement. It is a simple and fascinating way to participate in your local food community, learn about a millenia-old craft, and bring about great satisfaction and pleasure to everyday meals.” – Schuyler Schultz, Author

Peter Zien, Owner and Brewmaster at AleSmith Brewing Co. and author of the forward also takes note of the importance of craft beer as part of the larger food movement, saying:

“A wonderful part of this awakening to quality and flavor is the ability to pair the exceptional food being prepared today with the diversity of craft beer now available. Once reserved only for wine drinkers, the simple pleasure of pairing well-made dishes with craft beer is beginning to make inroads into the larger culinary scene.” -Peter Zien

No matter who you are (human, alien, expert or skeptic) this book will change the way you look at beer. It will give you a wealth of knowledge into the current craft beer scene which is reaching new heights, while giving you the tools to appreciate craft beers and the recent influx of fine foods side-by-side. If you’re looking to attain a deeper appreciation for craft beer, get more pleasure out of your everyday meals, and enjoy a richer quality of life, this is a great place to start. 


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About the Author

“Schuyler Schultz is a San Diego chef, sommelier and craft beer enthusiast striving to spread the joys of sustainable, ingredient-driven cuisine paired with craft beer and wine throughout the country.” -BEER, FOOD, and FLAVOR

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