Precision Distribution Consulting, Inc., a leading, independent consulting firm that specializes in customized, engineered solutions for distribution infrastructure, will showcase its patented delivery system as part of a concept vehicle at the National Beer Wholesalers Association 79th Annual Convention from September 2528, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois.

The Manuverate ™ system is an industry changing innovation for direct store and home delivery. The system maximizes vehicle payload while simultaneously solving ergonomic and efficiency limitations of traditional side-bay and rear-end load delivery vehicles. It is the first solution that brings the goods to the person, eliminating digging, climbing or sorting for product or goods.

delivery-vehicle“There are a myriad of factors impacting delivery and confronting drivers in the current dynamic.  The Manuverate delivery system holistically addresses ergonomics, capacity, accessibility, environmental and productivity concerns without compromising one benefit for another,” said Greg Ellis, president of PDC. “Based on our experience and knowledge of the circumstances and challenges affecting the people who deliver products or packages, the system design addresses their needs,” Ellis said.

While past and current delivery vehicle solutions incorporate minimal mechanical design changes, most have had limited impact or compromised other performance factors. The Manuverate system incorporates a multi-axis delivery mechanism which brings the product or package to the person. Goods are delivered at 100 percent to the forward most position at the optimal waist level.

“We’re extremely excited about the potential of the Manuverate delivery system,” said Lance Abbott, president, BevCap Management, LLC, (McKinney, Texas). “Back and shoulder injuries are a chronic problem for drivers and companies. A more ergonomic approach can reduce the severity of these injuries, improving productivity and enhancing driver health.”

After announcing its patented vehicle-based delivery system in April, PDC partnered with Supreme Corporation (Goshen, Indiana), to produce a concept vehicle.

“The beverage industry has certainly been challenged to more effectively and efficiently load, transport and delivery product for many years. The Manuverate system transcends home and store delivery and will positively impact the business model,” Ellis said.

The Manuverate delivery system will be demonstrated as part of a concept vehicle at the National Beer Wholesalers Association 79th Annual Convention, in the Craft Beer Pavilion, from September 25-28, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. To learn more or to schedule a meeting to discuss the patented delivery solution using the Manuverate™ system, call Greg Ellis at 717-495-7518, or email    

In 2013, Precision Distribution Consulting, Inc. received a patent for an Ergonomically Improved Delivery Vehicle and Method. PDC’s design is embodied in its branded Manuverate™ delivery system. Precision Distribution Consulting is an independent consulting firm specializing in the design of customized, engineered solutions for our clients’ warehouse and distribution infrastructure in support of their long-term supply chain strategy. Using the most modern analytical and engineering tools, PDC provides its clients with definitive, empirically driven solutions to execute day-to-day business at the lowest possible logistics cost, based on business demands now and in the future.  


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