Patrida Tequila sent us some samples for review and we experimented with recommended recipes as well as some of our own invention. Patrida Tequila provided Beer Alien with samples of their Reposado, Anejo and Blanco tequilas.

The first cocktail recipe we tried was the Black Opal (recipe below). This was very tasty. The Partida Reposado tequila is aged for 6 months and has a nice subtle sweetness to its flavor. This reposado is described as being less smoky than most reposados, and we have to agree. The smokiness is there, but more subtle than you may be used to. Our favorite component of the Partida Reposado is the hazelnut and chocolate notes that add so much more flavor to the Black Opal than other styles of tequila would. Guinness already has chocolate flavors, so this was a perfect blend. We rate the Black Opal cocktail as a 4/5 and hats off  ( er, sombreros off? ) to San Francisco bartender Jacques Bezuidenhout for creating the Black Opal.

The Black Opal Cocktail

Created by Jacques Bezuidenhout

1 ½ oz Partida Reposado
1 ½  oz Guinness Draft
½ oz Tawny Port
¼ oz Agave Nectar (Cut with equal parts water)
Dash of Angostura Bitters

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled wine glass or small pint glass without ice. Garnish with some grated or ground cinnamon powder.

*Guinness Note: take a pint of Guinness beforehand and use a bar spoon to stir it up for about 30 secs. This removes some of the CO2.


Craft Beer Cocktails with Partida tequila:

Up next, we decided to make some craft beer cocktails with the Partida Reposado (the bottle was open, might as well finish it off haha). Typically, craft beer cocktails are made with a full pour of craft beer and add a full shot of the alcohol of your choice. For these tests, we used a 8oz pour of beer and 1.5oz pour of Partida tequila.


Partida recommended using Saison Dupont as the sour notes of the saison would pair well with spicy notes in the tequila. Our rating on the beer cocktail made with Partida Reposado and Saison Dupont is a 4/5. After we tested and agreed that this is a good idea, we decided to try a different sour approach of our own.

We decided to blend Partida Reposado with Boulevard Brewing’s Saison-Brett. This saison has a little more bite to it and that complimented the sweetness of the tequila. We are confident that any good saison would make a good beer cocktail with Partida Reposado. Note, if you want a little more “tequila” flavor, add ¼ oz Agave Nectar (cut with ¼ oz water).

Next up, it was time to create the recommended beer cocktail using Partida Blanco with Bohemia Cerveza.

It was recommended to create a Partida Blanco beer cocktail with a lager to compliment the crispness of the lager with the agave flavor of the Blanco tequila. We typically try to avoid the recommended beer Bohemia Cerveza as we are not fans of that particular lager.


We opted for instead for a Polish pale lager, Zywiec Beer. Partida Blanco does blend well with lager and the flavor of the tequila compliments the beer. It is sort of like creating your own tequila barrel aged lager. We rated our beer cocktail of Partida Blanco and Zywiec Beer as a 3.5/5. Experiment with your favorite lagers and see what you come up with. For the purpose of this review, we did make the beer cocktail using Partida Blanco and Bohemia Cerveza. The tequila definitely adds a good flavor to the beer and we would have to rate this 2.5/5 since we don’t like the lager itself.

Now, on to the Partida Anejo. The recommended beer cocktail was Partida Anejo & Anchor Brewery Brekle’s Brown.


The extra agave flavor in the Anejo tequila pairs well with the citrusy elements of the beer from the Citra hops that Anchor uses for this beer. We don’t recommend trying this beer cocktail with just any brown ale, unless they are balanced well with a citrus-flavored hop. The Anejo tequila was the most difficult to work with trying to create other beer cocktails. We love the tequila on its own and the Anejo makes a killer margarita as well. we rated this beer cocktail 3/5.

Our overall impression with Partida tequila was a good one. Each of he three styles we tested has its own distinct personality and flavor profile. We enjoyed the flavor of all three styles (Anejo, Blanco, Reposado) and would recommend them for your next party or celebration. One of our readers Paul stated “Quality stuff for sure. Loved the one I had. I think it was the reposado. Got a great bottle of anejo mezcal in Mexico City recently.”

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