Beer Alien Review - Woodchuck Hard Cider: Gumption
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When Woodchuck introduced the U.S. market to craft cider 24 years ago, it took gumption to follow their own path. Craft cider caught on, and today, Woodchuck continues to lead the craft cider industry, with a passionate focus on innovation, quality and its Vermont roots.

Legendary showman PT Barnum once noted, “Everybody drank cider-spirits called ‘gumption.’” Woodchuck’s Gumption cider celebrates the Spirit of PT Barnum and those who have the gumption to follow their own path.

Beer Alien acquired a sample of this fermented apple drink and while this isn’t a beer, we decided to review it anyway. Lots of humans that we interact with seem to enjoy ciders as well as craft beer, so here we go…

While we Beer Aliens have sampled many a cider, we are not too familiar with this Earth fruit called an apple.  According to Woodchuck Hard Cider, their Gumption is a blend of European bittersweet cider apples and common eating apples. So, we decided to head down to our local market and sample some apples to sample the flavors of eating apples and European cider apples. Strange colors, different sizes and shapes abounded and we landed up with enough apples to make many pies. Once we were more familiar with apples themselves, we decided we could properly review Gumption and see if it lived up to its claim of a unique experience.

Upon opening the bottle, we were immediately hit with a strong pleasant aroma of a freshly sliced apple. Poured into the glass, we noticed that Gumption is not overly carbonated and a clear golden color. The first sip delivers a strong flavor somewhere midway between dry and sweet. It reminded us of applesauce minus any cinnamon. The flavor is overall pleasing and made up of apple, caramel and a hint of spice.

This is definitely something that people who “don’t like ciders” should try as it is not quite like other ciders. Gumption should please most existing cider fans as well as it does not deviate too far from the familiar. Gumption does not deliver any mind blowing advances in the world of hard ciders, but it does deliver on its promise of being different and isn’t that an accomplishment in itself?

For our tastes, it is a little too “safe”. We wish it had a little more complexity or layered flavors.

We would recommend drinking Gumption on a hot day at outdoor activities or as a palette cleanser after dinner and before dessert, especially if dessert is apple pie 😉


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