Beer Alien Review: Twisted Manzanita - Danger Ranger 2015
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Twisted Manzanita sent us a sample of the 2015 re-release of Danger Ranger for analysis. Named after the little truck that Manzanita used to deliver their beer for their first two year, Danger Ranger is an imperial red ale brewed with roasted chicory. Released twice a year, this latest batch was restricted to 10.5 bbls and only 60 cases of bottles sent our to retailers.

Danger Ranger pours a nice clear amber color with a strong small head and your nose is hit with a plethora of aromas. There is the expected bready aromas you get from a red ale, plus caramel, honey, pine and resin. All of these aromas blend together well and truly add to the experience of this beer. Make sure you take the time to enjoy the aroma before diving in.

Taking the first few sips, your tongue will experience a lot of bready, maltly sweetness as is normal for red ales, but the sweetness is cut by the slight bitterness imparted by the Centennial and Citra hops as well as citrus from the Citra hops. This combined flavor profile is accented by the honey roasted chicory to give it just a little spice.

Danger Ranger has a slight warmth in your mouth while swallowing from the 8.7% ABV but nothing like a barrel aged beer. Overall, this is a complex and yet easy to enjoy red ale and we recommend that you treat yourself to a bottle or at least a pint in their tasting room.


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