Beer Alien Review: Thatcher's Gold Cider
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Beer Alien received a sample of Thatcher’s Gold for analysis that was carefully housed in a wooden device that, upon researching strange Earth customs from a country called England, we now know is a picnic basket. Since Thatcher’s Gold is from Somerset, England, it seemed a fitting delivery housing. Some other companies just send us a box with a noise making game sheet wrapped around the bottle.

Once we had finished amusing ourselves with pictures of humans sitting on blankets in fields eating random people food from their picnic baskets (and a brief distraction involving two animated bears and something called a park ranger), we decided it was time to get started on the task at hand… analyzing Thatcher’s Gold.

Poured into the glass, it is immediately apparent where Thatcher’s Gold gets its name. This cider pours a clear golden color with medium carbonation. The aroma given off is of course apples, with a hint sugar-sweetness. The initial flavors of Thatcher’s Gold are apple juice, a light acidic tang and just a touch of smoke. The apple flavor itself comes from Thatcher’s own farms where they grow Dabinett, Redstreak and Porters Perfection cider apples.

Comparing Thatcher’s Gold to some other American made ciders, we noticed two distinct differences. Thatcher’s Gold has more of an apple juice flavor versus apple flavored champagne and the sweetness to tartness ratio is more balanced. This leaves less of a “pow” factor when drinking it, but most of the abducted humans we tested this on said they preferred this balance.

Thatcher’s Gold is a great cider that should provide ample refreshment and should be something you have on hand for all of your outdoor activities. The Beer Aliens may have to partake in this English custom of a picnic someday…


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