MillerCoors sent us some samples of Steel Reserve Alloy Series Margarita and Hard Pineapple for review. We don’t usually enjoy flavored malt drinks, but we were intrigued with these so we cracked them open, poured them into glasses and dove in.

First up was the Steel Reserve Margarita, which smells like… a margarita shockingly 😉  Poured into the glass, we couldn’t help noticing the radioactive green/yellow color of this drink. We thought that Mountain Dew was king of drinks most suitable for listening to heavy metal band Nuclear Assault due to its color, but not anymore. It is almost too unnatural of a color as our brains were telling us not to drink it 😉 The color makes sense however since they were obviously going for the margarita look as well as the aroma.

The first sip delivers a strong margarita flavor including a hint of the “alcohol” taste one would expect if the margarita was made in a dive bar where they pour a little heavy on the tequila.

This is where the Steel Reserve Margarita takes a turn though. The second and subsequent sips each build a noticeable artificial taste from whatever flavoring compounds MillerCoors used to create the Margarita flavor. The artificial taste isn’t too overpowering, but it is noticeable. The only real drawback to Steel Reserve Margarita is that it is a little overly sweet. We strongly recommend serving this over ice for the best taste experience.

Overall, Steel Reserve Margarita delivers what is promises, a margarita flavored drink that delivers a decent buzz since it is 8% ABV. For the money, it is actually a great deal for a budget conscious drinker. We could definitely drink more of these.


Next up is the Steel Reserve Hard Pineapple, which delivers on the pineapple aroma for sure. Poured into the glass, the bright yellow color of this drink almost glows.

If you have ever tried pineapple sodas, then you will be familiar wit the overall flavor of Steel Reserve Hard Pineapple. Of course the 8% ABV will quickly remind you that this is not a soda. The flavors have a hint of artificial sweetener taste but overall, the pineapple taste is more like the inner rind of a pineapple.

Of all of the Steel Reserve flavors, this one is our favorite so far. Once again, we recommend pouring this over ice. Steel Reserve Hard Pineapple is another good value for its low cost and high ABV.


Final verdict: Both of these Steel Reserve flavors deliver what they promise and both are enjoyable. We probably couldn’t drink more than one at a time as they are a little too sweet for our taste buds. If you are a fan of fruity cocktails, you may enjoy the overly sweet taste more than we did.

Editor’s Note: No star rating for this review as these are not beers, but malt liquors.

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