The Rare Barrel sent us some samples for review. Our first beer analyzed was Home, Sour Home. This is a sour golden ale aged in oak barrels with peaches, cinnamon and vanilla bean. The souring process utilized Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.

Home Sour Home pours a hazy golden color and immediately gives off an aroma of cinnamon, peaches, sour funk and hint of vanilla. Rare Barrel describes this beer as an attempt to create memories of peach cobbler and they have succeeded based on the aroma. 

First sip and again, peach cobbler, with a tart aftertaste. This is not an overly sour beer and should appeal to both humans and aliens that enjoy sours and those that are not yet that evolved. The lactobacillus is not so strong as to create an astringent taste but it is there enough to enhance the overall tartness of this amazing sour.

The peach flavor is dominant with the cinnamon and vanilla playing back up. The cinnamon and vanilla are accents rather than strong flavors. The oak from the barrel aging permeates throughout Home, Sour Home and adds to overall enjoyment of this beer. 

Once again, Rare Barrel have created an amazing beer that breaks barriers and creates a multi-layered fruit sour that is not to be missed.


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