Beer Alien Review: Cheboygan Brewing - Blood Orange Honey Ale
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Guest review by Metal Life Magazine reporter Diana Marsh:

Bright and bitter, yet smooth and satisfying, the Blood Orange Honey ale from the Cheboygan Brewing Company is an all around solid choice for beer lovers who want something strong from start to finish. This gorgeously golden colored medium wheat beer is brewed with Blood Orange zest and puree giving it a bit of a citrus bite but has just enough wildflower honey to give it a smooth, creamy finish without being overbearing. Well done indeed Cheboygan Brewing Company!

The ABV comes in at a nicely done 5.7 percent with the IBU being a 9.8. The beer has a wonderfully red/orange/gold color to it, with bright notes of citrus from the Blood Orange. The taste is slightly bitter but smooth and resembles a cream ale in it’s body and mouthfeel. Overall I would certainly rate this a solid 4.5 and wholly recommend our lovely beer enthusiasts to give it a try.

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