On Wednesday (4/15), Table 926 hosted a Ballast Point Beer Pairing Dinner chalk full of tasty bites and craft brew delights. Clayton Leblanc, brewer at Ballast Point introduced the beers and explained the pairing process with dishes such as Guacamole Deviled Duck Eggs and Cider Pork Cheeks with Sweet Onion Apple Sauce. Matt Richman, Table 926 owner and executive chef, presided over the dinner. The pairing dinner was only $55 for five courses.

Beer Alien was on hand to sample this collection of Ballast Point craft beers paired with strange and wonderful human food. We even discovered that even though a “financier” was on the menu… we were not offered a Wall Street personnel related menu item… it is in fact a type of cake. Every day, this planet amazes and confuses us more. But we are learning to love our new home and dinners this like one make it that much easier.


First Course – Longfin Lager

  • Tempura fried oysters and vegetables, sauce gribiche, dynamite sauce paired with Longfin Lager
  • The gribiche is tartar sauce like without the tang of lemon
  • Dynamite sauce is like a spicy aioli
  • Longfin pairs well with this fried dish.
  • Oysters paired better with the gribiche sauce and the dynamite paired better with the carrots and asparagus.




Second Course – Wahoo Wheat

  • Guacamole deviled eggs, bacon, cilantro paired with Wahoo Wheat
  • The deviled egg part was citrusy from the pulverized guacamole the was in it and the bacon added a crunch to the dish.
  • The citrus notes from the wahoo wheat amplifies the citrus notes in the dish. A surprise when tasting and then eating between bites.
  • Micro green cilantro is a great touch.




Third Course – Smoke Screen Lager

  • Cider braise pork cheeks, sweet onion apple sauce, smoked Gouda grits pairs with Smoke Screen Lager
  • Liquid smoke Flavor from the beer enhances the cider braised pork cheek.
  • Cream Gouda grits balance the pork and smoke from the beer.
  • The apple sauce adds a tang to the dish the is a surprise on the palette.




Fourth Course – East To West IPA

  • Roasted local yellowtail, asparagus, brown rice risotto, Meyer lemon pesto paired with East To West IPA
  • The citrus in the IPA complements the light flavors of the fish. Over powers the fish but really blends well together.
  • The asparagus and the pesto with a pinch of risotto blends well together.
  • This pairing is an opposites attract type dish.
  • Common flavor in the dish is lemon, which ties it together.




Dessert – Barmy Ale

  • Apricot financier, barmy candied almonds, blood orange sorbet paired with Barmy Ale
  • The beer delivers a solid apricot and honey bite when paired with the financier (a cake, not an accountant).
  • The blood orange sorbet paired with the beer has a sweetness that cuts through the alcohol bite that is 12%.
  • The candied almonds add a crunch that the otherwise soft dessert lacked.


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