Beer Alien Review: Atwater Brewing - Michelada (lager and bloody mary)
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Detroit is a town of invention and “can do” spirit, and it’s that drive that fuels the Atwater Brewing Company to create unique ales that truly represent their hometown’s vibe. Michelada is their latest creation that combines Atwater Lager with McClure’s Bloody Mary mix creating a salty brew that is surprisingly refreshing.

The concoction is full of flavor that balances the bitter of the lager with the bloody mary mix in a just so fashion that leaves your taste buds feeling all sorts of Bob Ross happy (happy little trees guy.) The color is a very interesting golden yellow that settles into a reddish haze down through the middle of your drink. The aroma is fresh, salty, and a bit wheaty. This is something that needs to be experienced before being believed.

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