Beer Alien investigates Fizzics beer system

Beer Alien investigates Fizzics beer system

Beer Alien investigates Fizzics beer system


So we decided to watch some human TV to learn more about the sea creatures on this planet. We tuned into to an appropriately named show called “Shark Tank” but we were immediately confused by the lack of sharks and for that matter, no water. This show was in fact, as most of you humans know, a show where people try to get investment money from some very rich fellow humans. On this show, a device called Fizzics was shown and it made all of the “sharks” want to invest. Since it was a beer machine, we aliens were of course interested.

So the inventor humans that make the Fizzics system sent us one to analyze and test for ourselves. In case you don’t know what a Fizzics system is, here is a quick background before we get started on the analysis:

Fizzics dispenses beer from any can, bottle or up to a 64oz growler utilizing their Fizzics Micro-Foam technology. The Fizzics Micro-Foam technology dramatically improves the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer, to a level that surpassed our greatest expectations – A Fizzics Beer is truly a new experience and we are thrilled to share this innovation with beer lovers across the world.

Here is a video of how the system works:



We gathered various beer styles in variously shaped containers including cans, bottles and growlers. We chose generic macro beers, local craft, Belgian style with the extra carbonation, nitro can beers, sours and even some bourbon barrel aged stouts. We tested each type of beer and each type of container for ease of use, flavor and appearance. 

We tested the Fizzics system at a brewery comparing a growler and a bottle of the same beer to that beer on tap in the tasting room. So we had one glass from the keg via the tap, one glass of the beer poured from the bottle, one glass of the beer poured from the growler (filled 3 days earlier and not opened), one glass from the growler using the Fizzics and one final glass from the bottle using the Fizzics. There was a noticeable improvement over the growler using the Fizzics system. It was closer to the glass from the keg. There was a less pronounced improvement comparing the bottle pour to bottle via Fizzics. Mouthfeel and aroma were noticeably improved for both Fizzics delivered pours. The flavor was also improved using Fizzics although to a lesser degree. If you let the pour sit, the advantage of the Fizzics draft foam lessens as the foam dissipates. 

Instead of simply writing our opinions of the system we have decided to list pros and cons of the Fizzics system. This will allow you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons for your purposes. For example, if you typically drink Belgian beers made with champagne yeast, this system may perform differently for you than a user who typically drinks IPAs.



  1. It improves overall flavor of most of the non complex beers we tested such as lagers, simple porters and beers that are not overly complex
  2. The Fizzics system supports cans, bottles and growlers of almost any shape and size
  3. It is super easy to use 
  4. It keeps your beer cold for an acceptable amount of time due to the insulation (about 12 hours). Ice can be added in the chamber around the beer to extend/improve this.
  5. Is is portable, uses four (4) double AA batteries
  6. Chamber is removable for easy cleaning



  1. There is no way to tell how much is left in the container, you may miss the opportunity to add the foam if the container runs out before expected
  2. The user is unsure how clean the tubes are despite instructions to “run warm water through the system.” The main tube is removable and can be sanitized, but the embedded tube in the cover is not removable.
  3. The tube does not reach the bottom of a nitro canned beer due to the nitro ball in the can
  4. Nitro canned beers already have the “extra” bubbles and the Fizzics system does not work as expected with these types of beers
  5. Belgian beers tend to be extra carbonated and often require a slower pour, Fizzics does not have a speed option
  6. A nitpicky con about the batteries, we would have preferred a rechargeable solution and/or AC option
  7. Perhaps a little overpriced at MSRP $150.00 (as of Nov 4, 2016)



The Fizzics system is a great product. With its ease of use and ability to support almost any beer container, it supports basically whatever you are drinking (with a few exceptions, see Cons above). Overall, we are impressed with this human technology and we think the humans in your life would enjoy a Fizzics of their very own (you humans have a holiday coming up right?)

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