As we have cited before, our current stock of teleporters are slightly defective and sometimes we land up in unexpected places. This happened recently when we found ourselves in a town called Lexington in a state called Kentucky. Our data banks had many listings for bourbon and whiskey for Kentucky but not too many beers. Of course many, many bourbon barrel aged beers have the word Kentucky in their name, but most are not brewed in Kentucky itself. 

Since we were in the town of Lexington, we decided to look around. We found a place called Lexington Beer Works so of course, we invaded it to explore. We walked in and saw an awesome looking bar with an extensive bottled beer collection in fridges and 12 taps of craft beer. They have over 100 beers in total so we sat down to sample some.

The staff is knowledgeable and will help you select beers based on your preferences and even suggest some that may be outside of your normal style. We were able to sample some local beers as well as beers from various other parts of the world. We focused our attention on local beers and beers from breweries that we don’t readily get access to back at our secret base.

Lexington Beer Works also has a kitchen offering simple fare for lunch and a more complete menu for dinner. We sampled a few human food choices from the lunch menu and we were impressed with the complex flavors offered in the simple dishes. This was definitely not your normal pub grub…

There is a full bar for cocktails if you are with a non beer drinker (why?) and Lexington Beer Works is also a homebrew supply shop which makes them even more awesome.

Overall, we had a great time at Lexington Beer Works. If we lived in Lexington, this would be one of our regular spots for sure. So humans, next time you find yourself in Lexington, (either on purpose or after you have been “alien abducted” from somewhere) be sure to visit Lexington Beer Works. Be sure to tell Jason that the beer aliens sent you…

213 North Limestone St Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 317-8137

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