Being stranded near Las Vegas, and too lazy to head to California to meet up with the rest of the crew, does have it’s perks.  I was hanging out and got a message that there was a new place in Las Vegas and they had gooses on tap, and I needed to check it out.  The first thing I though was isn’t the plural of goose, geese, and how do you put a goose on tap?  I grabbed my image transducer and headed to the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to see these geese on tap.

The Goose Island Pub is located near the front of the Hard Rock Hotel, across from Vinyl, and I was able to successfully slip in unnoticed and totally blend in thanks to my image transducer. When I got into the Goose Island Pub, I sighed with great relief when I saw that the gooses on tap, were just goose heads on the tap handles. 

I was intercepted on the way to the bar by a nice lady that had a flight of four tasters for me to try.  I was treated to the Four Star Pils, Green Line IPA, Sofie and Matilda.  While I was tasting this selection the same young lady was kind enough to tell me a little about each beer and what made them special.  I will admit I was a little surprised to see that they had Sofie and Matilda on tap, as well as in bottles, and the rest of their tap selection included what you would expect: 312 Urban Wheat and Honker’s Ale.  I was then shown a bottle list that included 2015 Bourbon County Stout and 2015 Rare Bourbon County Stout as well as large bombers including Madame Rose, a Sour Belgian Brown.  There was also a special treat that night of 2013  Bourbon County Stout and 2013 Halia.

While I was enjoying the beers that were provided to me, I took a moment to orientate myself and look for any MIB (Men In Black) that might be lurking about.  There were white subway tiles on the walls near the bar and a subway map behind the Goose Island logo over the bar. The seating area was dark wood and open to the casino and it was kind of noisy. 

While some people say beer is the only sustenance that you need, the food offered at Goose Island Pub sets it apart from just another bar in the Hard Rock Hotel.  I was able to sample the Maple Bacon Beer Nuts, that is right peanuts and bacon together… what else do you need while you are drinking?  Well, to answer that question how about Tater Tots with cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos, or a Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich?  I was able to sample all of these and they were delicious and a true complement to the beers that we were drinking.

Overall, there was not that coziness of a neighborhood pub that I was expecting, but with multiple venues at the Hard Rock Hotel and the plethora of shows, I could see my self stopping at Goose Island Pub on the way to or from a concert.  I would even bring in my friends from “out of town”, even though there were no actual gooses here on tap. 

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