Last week we decided to take out the spaceship and leave our home base of San Diego, CA and head to another popular craft beer hub in the United States….Portland, Oregon. We have one goal. To Taste Earth’s Beer…One Brewery at a Time and that is exactly what we did! Even when it snowed while we were there… we braved the elements because nothing was going to keep us from experiencing great beer. While there we met a lot of amazing beer loving humans and learned about some of the most popular spots in Portland. The craft beer scene there is definitely one to experience for those of you who haven’t made the trip up there yet and we are excited to share our experiences with you to give you ideas for when you do. We are currently working on some lists of top breweries and best beers to try in Portland for you to use as a guide for planning your own beer exploration trip; but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of all the invasions we did last week:

Day One:

  1. Cascade Brewing Company Blending House in Beaverton, OR.
  2. Migration Brewing Company
  3. Ecliptic Brewing Company

Day Two:

  1. Rogue Corporate Offices in Portland/ Green Dragon
  2. Deschutes Brewery and Public House
  3. Bridgeport Brewing Company

Day Three:

  1. Full Sail Brewing Company in Hood River, OR
  2. Rogue Distillery & Public House Portland
  3. 10 Barrel Brewing Company

Day Four:

  1. Belmont Station Bottle Shop
  2. McMenamins Greater Trump
  3. Horse Brass Pub

Day Five:

  1. Breakside Brewing Company
  2. Base Camp Brewing Company
  3. Upright Brewing Company
  4. Burnside Brewing Company

We want to give a special thank you to those humans who welcomed these beer loving aliens into their breweries and spent some time with us to share their amazing craft brews and stories: Cascade Brewing, Ecliptic Brewing, Rogue Ales and Spirits, Deschutes Brewing, Bridgeport Brewing Company, Belmont Station Bottle Shop, & Base Camp Brewing. Thank you all very much! We really enjoyed our time spent with you guys and learned a lot!

Be sure to follow us on Social Media to get to see our beer adventures live as we invade more breweries and discover more awesome craft beers from all over the world! Cheers humans!



Snapchat: beeralien


Be sure to follow us on Social Media as we invade more breweries and discover more awesome craft beers from all over the world! Cheers humans!

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