OC Brew HoHo 2013 Glassware
OC Brew HoHo 2013 Glassware

The second annual OC Brew  HoHo started off on a wet note. OC Brew HoHo 2013 began with rain, but it quickly dissipated within the first 30 minutes of opening. The weather remained chilly but did not appear to impede the guest’s enthusiasm for  sharing their love of craft beer. Or maybe, the guests didn’t notice  the chill after imbibing some special craft brew releases.

OC Brew HoHo was held at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, CA. The Bierstube German pub sits on the front of the grounds, offering a full bar and traditional German cuisine. The festival was held in the back, centered around a giant garden gazebo under which many humans clustered, beer in hand, listening to the music, and discussing their most recent taste acquisitions. It’s important to mention that there was no limit on the number of tastes. Yes, that’s right! The event included four hours of unlimited 3 oz  tastings from noon to 4:00 p.m. and a commemorative OC Brew HoHo festival glass. Many of the craft breweries were setup inside the gazebo and a stage on which the organizers provided announcements, music, guest speakers, and a picture with Santa for whomever wished to sit on his lap. Participating breweries included:

  • The Bruery
  • Firemans Brew
  • Inland Empire Brewing
  • Oggis Brewing
  • Valiant Brewing
  • Monkish Brewing
  • Left Coast Brewing
  • Alcatraz Brewing
  • Refuge Brewing
  • North Coast Brewing
  • Green Flash
  • Almanac Brewing
  • Dale Bros.
  • Beachwood Brewing
  • Golden Road Brewing
  • JT Schmids
  • Widmer Brothers
  • Main Street Brewery
  • Sierra Nevada
  • Hoegaarden
  • Laughing Dog
  • Drakes Brewing
  • Stadium Brewing
  • Abbey Leffe
  • Tustin Brewing Company
  • Goose Island
  • Packinghouse Brewing
  • New Belgium
  • Old Orange Brewing
  • Karl Strauss
  • Maui Brewing
  • Newport Beach Brewing
  • Black Market Brewing
  • Hangar 24
  • Pizza Port San Clemente

Throughout the OC Brew HoHo festival, the craft breweries provided special releases of some of their Holiday and Winter Ales or Seasonals. The release times could easily be located by searching out the longest lines. Guests  were eager but patient and very friendly as they waited for  the rare beers. I have listed a few of the ones that generated the longest lines below:

Noble Aleworks

  • Ghost of Jacob Barley  — (Collaboration) Noble Ale Works / Beachwood
  • Naughty Sauce — Special Release
  • Everything But the Stick — (Collaboration) Noble Ale Works / The Bruery
  • Holiday Punch Bowl — Special Release
  • White Russian w/ Naughty Sauce — Special Release

Hangar 24

  • Pugachev Cobra

Alongside all of this great craft brew was an amazing lineup of food trucks  (well, that’s what all you humans kept telling us). Slaters 50/50,  Devilicious, The Slidebar and many others were there with special menu  items. If you’d  had enough to eat and drink (which seems to be a rare occurrence with humans), there were plenty of other attractions, including the Giant Jenga that created a loud rumble every time it fell, foosball tables, a bean bag toss, and a shooting gallery. Only a few confused humans were spotted in the vicinity of  these attractions. The mobs stayed close to the beer.

To round out the trip, WreckCheck (http://wreckcheck.me/) was near the exit offering free breathalyzer tests. A good idea anytime a human is consuming high quality craft brew.

I am one Beer Alien already looking forward to next year’s event.

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