Beer Alien invaded Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2017 and loved it

Beer Alien invaded Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2017 and loved it

Beer Alien invaded Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2017 and loved it


Reviewing this beer festival almost seems redundant since it sells out every year. You humans know you love this event and you love sour craft beers. But why is the Stone Brewing Sour Fest such a successful event? Let us answer this question from two perspectives, one human and one alien.

The humans we saw at the Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2017 were a good mixture of sour beer fans and sour beer novices. We enjoyed seeing people who were not familiar with the wonders of sour beer experiencing them for the first time. Of course, it was also funny for us to see the “sour beer fans in the know” lining up for the Cascade and 3 Fonteinen mainstays and crowd favorites. Some of the other highlights from the beer list included Cascade Sang Royal (2012), there were 6 beers from the Paradox Skully series and some Smog City, Bruery, Trois Dames, Almanac and more.

Wandering around with our own random samples, we also enjoyed how well behaved the humans were while waiting in line. Those of you who have attended Stone events in the past will know that Stone prides itself in running safe and “non-drunkard” events. Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2017 was no exception. Even when long lines started to get in each other’s way, Stone quickly addressed the issue and the happy humans in queue were situated and all was well. 

You humans seem to need to hydrate with dihydrogen monoxide (water) as well as beer and Stone was well aware of this. They provided several water stations for hydration as well as taster glass rinsing. Human food was available for purchase and there was a mixed nut stand as well. We saw many happy humans enjoying the food and we even gave the bratwurst a try. The chicken burrito and hemp seed pretzels seemed pretty popular as well.

Above and beyond all the amazing beer, human food and people at the event was the event location itself. Gorgeous settings of stone, plants and water make Stone Brewing in Escondido a beautiful place on a regular day. When Stone Brewing throws an event at the Escondido location, that scenery makes the event extra special. Take a look at our photo gallery below for some examples. If you have never been to Stone Brewing in Escondido, you need to. Have lunch or dinner there and wander around the one acre garden.

So what did the aliens think of  Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2017? We loved it too. We enjoyed trying some new sours, savoring some favorites and felt a little special being at an event that had the only keg of Great Divide Unicorn Hearts in California. We were impressed with the friendly human (and possible alien) staff serving the beers. They were patient dealing with the lines. We did wish that the serving humans had been trained a bit on the beers they were serving however. Many humans had questions about the beers however, without training, the servers could not always assist. 

Overall, Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2017 was a resounding success and we are sure we will see just as many happy humans next year. If you didn’t get to go this year, make it a point to watch for the ticket sale announcement for Stone Brewing Sour Fest 2018 and get your tickets early as the event always sells out. See you soon humans and remember, stay safe so you and everyone around you can continue to enjoy the wonders of craft beer.


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