Beer Alien Beer Review: Twin Peaks Brewing - Knotty Brunette
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Twin Peaks Brewing sent us some samples for review and we were quite impressed with the art on the cans as soon as we opened the package. Of course we cannot review a beer based on its packaging, but these samples from Twin Peaks Brewing may have some of the best label art we have seen yet on this planet. Check out our other reviews of Twin Peaks Brewing to see some of the other incredible label art.

Poured into a glass, this American brown ale is, well, brown in color, but not a deep, dark brown. There is a caramel aroma with a hint of biscuit and nuts. The first sip delivers on what the aroma promised, however the flavors are a little light. The caramel and biscuit flavors are present and noticeable, just not as pronounced as the aroma “promised”. This did have an advantage however of making the beer balanced and not too sweet. Fans of beers like Newcastle Brown Ale will enjoy this.

Overall, Knotty Brunette is an enjoyable, easy to drink beer that we Beer Aliens prefer a little warmer than 32 degrees. So we will continue to enjoy this beer in cans and probably won’t order it on tap at Twin Peaks itself. That being said, if you are sitting at a Twin Peaks drinking a macro beer because “that’s what you always drink”, we implore you to order Knotty Brunette and give it a try. You will be surprised by how easy it is to drink and how “light” it is as you drink it.


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