Beer Alien Beer Review: Twin Peaks Brewing - Dirty Blonde
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Twin Peaks Brewing sent us some samples for review and we were quite impressed with the art on the cans as soon as we opened the package. Of course we cannot review a beer based on its packaging, but these samples from Twin Peaks Brewing may have some of the best label art we have seen yet on this planet. Check out our other reviews of Twin Peaks Brewing to see some of the other incredible label art.

Poured into a glass, this wheat ale is a nice light golden color and is quite clear unlike some hazy wheat beers. Dirty Blonde has a nice citrus aroma with a hint of the expected wheat. First sip hits you will a strong citrus taste that is slightly tart and then sweetens on the finish. You can also taste hints of coriander which blend well with the citrus flavor. Dirty Blonde is not overly carbonated and is very refreshing and easy to drink.

Twin Peaks Brewing suggests serving this with an orange slice which is a common suggestion for wheat ales. We added an orange slice to see what effect that would have on Dirty Blonde. The existing citrus flavor was enough to stand on its own and didn’t make much difference. If you squeeze the juice from the slice, you can then really notice the difference.

Overall, we were impressed with Dirty Blonde from Twin Peaks Brewing. This would make a good session beer for a hot afternoon weighing in a 5.3% ABV.




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