Beer Alien beer review: Karl Strauss - Six Suits A-Hangin
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As described by Karl Strauss, Six Suits A-Hangin is an “Imperial Belgian Brown aged on French oak.” Weighing in at 8.5% ABV, this brown ale seems to capture the essence of a San Diego winter. Six Suits A-Hangin pours a clear brown with a thin off-white head and immediately tickles your nose with the smell of pit fruits, caramel and Belgian and Winter spices. However, since this is a San Diego based beer, Winter is an odd concept that the rest of the country experiences but not the locals. In a fitting manner, the typical Winter spices found in most holiday ales are subtle in Six Suits A-Hangin and do not provide a dominant flavor. 

The first sip tastes like caramel, malt, bread, yeast and just a hint of the dreaded holiday curse known on this planet as fruitcake. Why you humans ever invented such a strange, and from what we can tell, undesirable dessert, we will never know. However, that flavor mixed with hints of cinnamon, nuts and the candy like flavor of the malt works well and the subtle wood flavor from the oak brings everything together. The finish is typical of Belgian style beers with the yeast element lingering slightly. 

Overall, Six Suits A-Hangin is a well made and tasty holiday ale from Karl Strauss that should find its way into your human hands. We recommend enjoying this one again and again.


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