Beer Alien Beer Review: Arcadia Ales - Jaw Jacker Ale
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Ok I know what you’re thinking but stay with me here. Yes, it’s autumn, it’s October, and everyone is already sick and tired of “Pumpkin Spiced” everything, and you all have a valid point. However, there are a few seasonal exceptions running amok, and Jaw-Jacker Pumpkin Spiced Ale is one said exception.

Arcadia Ales has delivered up quite a seasonal ale that is neither gimmicky or boring, much to the delight of us devotees. Jaw-Jacker is an amber-wheat beer that is brewed with cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg (in the exact proportions of a family pumpkin pie recipe) which yields a mildly spicy beer that is reddish orange in color with a slightly sweet finish. Pairs great with damn near anything seasonal.


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