Bay Bridge Brewing Is Out Of This World!

Bay Bridge Brewing Is Out Of This World!

Bay Bridge Brewing Is Out Of This World!


When you think of a new brewery you usually think of it being in the central or northern part of San Diego. Well this isn’t the case with Bay Bridge Brewing. Bay Bridge is currently located in Chula Vista, CA and they are making some of the best beers in town that will definitely have your taste buds begging for more. Their beers are so out of this world that it leaves us wondering if they may be aliens…

Owners Doug and Jim started brewing in 1996 and decided to form Bay Bridge in 2006. Some of you humans might be wondering how is this a newer spot? While they have been brewing for years, Doug and Jim just opened up their tasting room last July to showcase their beers and its no surprise that they have been a hit ever since. Though they are only open 4 days out of the week, most days offer something unique for their visitors.

  • Thursday Nights – Trivia Night
  • Friday Nights – Comedy Night
  • Saturday Night – Live Band Night

The Aliens were able to invade Bay Bridge on Comedy Night this past Friday and what goes better with great craft beer than a few good laughs. Though we don’t have comedy back at our home planet, the humans from Comedy Heights were able to make us aliens laugh at a variety of “human experiences”.

DSC_0131Al Gavi, comedian and host, started off the night. The “newbie,” Kurt Roudebush, did a great job for his first time and cracked some great “baby mama” jokes that left us almost in tears we were laughing so hard. Up next was Adam Connie who got us chuckling at some jokes about his son. Then there was, Janice Remland, whom we learned what “sassy, yet funny” meant from her! And last but certainly not least was Danny Villapand who got us laughing about this thing called martial life, which us aliens are still learning about! Comedy Heights surprisingly does not charge a cover and is one of the funniest comedy shows we have been to! The best part is they keep it clean.

While enjoying the comedy show the Aliens were able to enjoy the wide variety of beer from Bay Bridge that included:

  • Wolf Canyon Wheat – A great American wheat styled beer with a slight hop taste.
  • Bonita Blonde – A light refreshing Kolsch styled beer that is great for any weather.
  • Horchata Wheat – A unique and flavorful Horchata beer that uses the Wolf Canyon Wheat as its base. 
  • America’s Finest Amber – A full flavored amber ale with a smooth caramel character.
  • Palomar Pale Ale – A crisp and refreshing pale ale with a medium body and citrus hop finish.
  • Star of India IPA – A big bodied IPA that fits in perfect with the West Coast style of beer.
  • Rolling Hills Irish Red – A complex flavorful red with roasted barley and a slight bitterness to it. 
  • Bill of Rights Red IPA – A smooth IPA styled beer with a strong finish and a hop forward aroma.

DSC_0123All of the beers we had were really tasty, but the standouts for us were: Wolf Canyon Wheat, Horchata Wheat, American’s Finest Amber, Palomar Pale Ale, & Rolling Hills Irish Red! The IPA’s are definitely good for those humans who are looking for something different than just another hop heavy west coast style IPA. Their IPAs are more malt forward and well balanced, the way you would experience an IPA outside of San Diego.

The Horchata Wheat we could live off of and was the beer that enticed us to invade their tasting room. If you love cinnamon, vanilla, and wheat beers then this beer is going to leave your taste buds in heaven. The flavors will immediately transform you to your childhood. We’ve had a few Horchata beers before and we can tell you that none of them come close to comparing to the Bay Bridge Horchata Wheat. Part of what makes this beer so good is that the base beer Wolf Canyon Wheat is one of the best wheat beers we’ve had so adding the cinnamon and vanilla is just icing on the cake.

If you are looking for some great beer that’s different from what you have become accustomed to then we highly recommend you make the drive to Bay Bridge Brewing. Be sure to tell them the aliens sent you and if you are lucky they may even have some Horchata Wheat left! That is, if the aliens haven’t been there drinking it all up. Also, don’t worry about having to get a bite to eat before going, Bay Bridge partners up with several amazing food trucks in order to serve their hungry customers! Cheers!

Location: 688 Marsat Court Suite B, Chula Vista, CA, United States



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