It’s the summer of refreshing ales – at least that’s what Bay City Brewing Co. Head Brewer Chris West will tell you. Bay City announces the release of its two newest beers: In My Younger Haze and Coffee Milk Stout on Nitro. The two releases add depth to the existing lineup of beers and bring the local brewery to 17 custom creations on tap. 
As the second Bay City hazy-style IPA, In My Younger Haze uses traditional Conan yeast that accentuates the citrus-fruit character of new age hops Citra and Mosaic. According to West, the yeast is popular because it creates a full-bodied beer in which peach and lime-flavored yeast works well with the modern hops. This beer has the kick of a hazy IPA with a subtle fruit twist at 7.3 percent alcohol by volume.
Adding a sweeter option to the brewery’s beer selection, Coffee Milk Stout on Nitro is a 6.3 alcohol by volume dark ale with a creamy white top. The roasted malts add a dark chocolate flavor that balance the sweetness of the lactose sugar. Specialty malts add notes of graham cracker as Guatemala and Sumatra blends from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters give an earthy flavor. The nitro element adds creaminess at the finish to balance the robust flavors. 
West claims his infatuation with dark ales began at a young age – his first memory far before he was old enough to indulge in the beer himself.
“My first exposure to craft beer was in the late 90s at the Pizza Port in Solana Beach,” says West. “While I was too young to enjoy the beers, I remember my dad holding his stout in the air and exclaiming — ‘If you can’t see light through the beer, then you know it’s a real ale.’ I think that’s the moment my passion for dark beers was born.”
Coffee Milk Stout On Nitro will be available May 10 and In My Younger Haze on May 12. Known informally as the “I-saw-you-from-the-freeway” brewery, Bay City Brewing Co. has found its home off Hancock Street in an industrial nook of Point Loma where everyone is welcome, including kids and dogs. 
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BAY CITY BREWING CO. Unofficially dubbed “Point Loma’s brewery”, Bay City Brewing brings together beach communities and downtown San Diego through its coastal urban vibe. The local brewery keeps community at the core of its mission to create unique and delicious craft beer for everyone to enjoy, producing the finest ales for the finest city. Visit the brewery at 3760 Hancock St. and learn more at

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