Humans, you have mastered the art of Craft Beer. By now your palate can tell the difference between craft beer and the big beers. Being a ‘Beer Connoisseurs’ is now a household phrase. And we know that a normal “Beer Club” just won’t do.

Today we are proud to introduce B.A.S.E. (Beer Alien Social Encounter) Initiative.


The purpose of BASE is plain and simple… TO INVADE.


We will, secretly choose a brewery in the area, organize a plan of attack and invade without announcing our arrival. What would happen if a brewery is not ready for the invasion? Who will survive, Humans or Aliens?

Once the dust settles, you will have the opportunity to meet other local beer drinkers, try new beers and explore new places. 

We will meet at a predefined brewery around San Diego. (Las Vegas coming soon)

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* B.A.S.E. Initiative is for members only. You must be a Beer Alien register member to join. Members are allowed into the group by request only.
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