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IMG_7471We found the perfect beer to take on all our outdoor adventures! Or at least the perfect bottles. Base Camp Brewing Company from Portland, Oregon sells their beer in these ingenious 22oz lightweight metal bottles that are made for adventure. They are lighter than glass, they chill faster, they won’t shatter, and they protect your tasty beer from the UV rays! 

We took their In-Tents IPL with us to the San Gabriel Mountains in Angeles National Forest for a little alien getaway. We strapped it onto our backpacking packs and off we went! Base camp for us was just below the summit of Mt. Baldy, elevation roughly 9,000 ft. Upon arrival we noticed the cap on our beer was leaking a bit. This is the only drawback we experienced, the bottles could not handle the pressure at our elevation.

However, it made little difference, because it still tasted delicious! Fortunately for us, there was a big patch of snow still thawing at our camp spot, which we used to chill the beer. The direction on the bottle anyway say:

IMG_7478“Soak in a mountain river, Chill in the snow, Cool in a lake, Refrigerate if you need to.” – BCBC

Eager to reward ourselves after a long hike, we popped it open after sitting in the snow for about 15 minutes and were astonished at how quickly it cooled in the metal bottle. 

In-Tents IPL has an ABV of 6.8%, which felt more like 7.4% at our elevation (yet another reason to enjoy your brew in the mountains). This copper-colored lager has a malty aroma with notes of pine and wildflowers. The hop profile does not overwhelm the malty backbone. Its piney hops compliment and balance out the bready biscuit and sweet toasty flavors. This brew is dry-hopped and aged on Oregon-grown oak giving it another layer of earthy complexity, which is perfect for a beer that’s meant to be enjoyed in the outdoors. 

We will definitely be reaching for another Base Camp beer soon in the hopes that they are all as good as this one! So crisp and satisfying, while providing something a little more unique than your average camping beer, this IPL is top-notch.



For more information about Base Camp Brewing Company from Portland, OR, check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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