Base Camp Brewing – Pilgrimage Saison

Base Camp Brewing – Pilgrimage Saison

Base Camp Brewing – Pilgrimage Saison


Base Camp Brewing Company, based out of Portland, Oregon, has a wide selection of beers available in their travel 22oz bottle. The Pilgrimage Saison is one of the nine available and one of two saisons they have. As a growing brewery, they have already have 17 beers, which is impressive. The Pilgrimage Saison is no exception!

ABV: 7.1%

IBU: 29

IMG_4794Appearance: At first glance the beer has a golden haze to it, as it settles slightly it becomes clearer and more of an orange gold. When poured, it had a medium frothy head that lasted through a long period of sipping. 

Aroma: A very aromatic beer, it has a bright, hoppy scent with a back end of fruitiness and spiciness.

Taste: Light and refreshing, yet there is a more complex end taste of a slight floral spice and a creaminess from a honey malt. 

Mouthfeel: With a medium body, clear carbonation, and a creaminess from the honey malt, it leaves a refreshing crisp yet dry aftertaste.

Overall: This is a complex beer, one that may be for a more sophisticated, craft beer drinker. Although still easy to drink, the different notes can be hard to decipher. So for an avid camper, backpacker, hiker or any kind of adventurer, the bottles that Base Camp Brewing uses to bottle a large number of their beers allows for easier travels for lovers of craft beer. So grab a bottle and take it for an adventure and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it wherever your adventures take you!


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