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Barks & Brews at The Brew Project!

Barks & Brews at The Brew Project!


Just like humans love dogs, so do aliens! We have heard the saying, “betches love puppies and brunch,” is that correct? 😉 Either way the Bark & Brews event held at The Brew Project in Hillcrest was a complete success filled with lots of cute puppies and delicious food to support The Barking Lot. This great event was able to be put on thanks to help from DJHere.com, TK Productions, & The Honest Kitchen.

DSC_0211Upon arriving at The Brew Project with puppies in tow we heard a DJ pumping fun daytime tunes and we were greeted by Beau the owner. All the puppies made for more cuteness than we could handle! While waiting for our table, we decided to head to the bar to grab some beer and meet some more pups. After a few leash tangles, we had delicious beer in hand and time to cuddle with some other dogs and let the pooches get some much needed proper sniffing introductions. The Barking Lot, which is a wonderful non-profit dog rescue in San Diego, had a raffle with donated prizes and even a few of the dogs that are up for adoption there to meet some humans! Not only were there plenty pooches of all breeds, shapes, and sizes, there were plenty of humans too. We were even lucky enough to meet a full-blooded, tamed wolf named Mohegan!

After a few more tangled leashes, we were sat, ordered some more beer and picked our entrees. Even a few of the beers were dedicated to donating to The Barking Lot! We got our long fingers on plenty of beers:

IMG_8079With 24 beers on tap that are changing almost every day, you’ll always find a beer right for you, or maybe even a new favorite! For brunch we ordered the Brac-n-Cheese as an appetizer and for our entrees we ordered the Chicken and Waffle Bites (although this is an appetizer it was perfect for one person as a meal), Chilaquiles, Carnitas Benedict, and the California Breakfast Burrito. After properly stuffing our faces full of these yummy dishes and gulping down our last sip of beer we made our rounds to say goodbye to the pooches and even a few humans too.   

We are hoping to attend another Barks & Brews event in the future and would love to see more fellow craft beer and dog lovers there too. We will make sure to announce when the next event is. For the future, make sure to make a reservation at least a few days in advance to get a table at your desired time as they have brunch available from 9am to 3pm and it fills up quick! A special shout out to The Barking Lot and Beau from The Brew Project for showing everyone a doggone good time!


For more information about The Brew Project, visit their Website and social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Location: The Brew Project, 3683 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103



Learn more about The Barking Lot and see the dogs they currently have for adoption by visiting their:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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