Bar Rocker Competition – Hard Rock Cafe San Diego

Oct 15th 2015

Hard Rock Café San Diego
Bar Rocker Competition

For the second year in a row the aliens were able to take over some human bodies in order to judge a special event at the Hard Rock Café. The Bar Rocker competition iMike Ferraris held every year around the world at each Hard Rock Café. This year the participants from the San Diego location were Mike Ferrari, Sheila Reinke, Jodi Roach, Tony Bordine and Chris Todd.

Upon arrival, fellow alien Will and I were instructed on which criteria we had to judge each bartender:

  • Creativity of performance.
  • Entertainment of the bar crowd.
  • Interaction with customers.
  • Overall drink impression.

Contestants were full of enthusiasm, creative and very good at their craft. Mike Ferrari was one of the livelier competitors, he was able to get the crowd pumped up and ready to dance. Tony Bordine was able to incorporate magic tricks in between the making of his drinks, which had everyone fully engaged throughout his routine. Jodi Roach was able to make some of the best tasting drinks that the aliens had. Sheila Reinke surprised everyone at the event when she busted out her custom made beer alien shirt, which, along with her passion made for a great time for everyone involved. The final contestant was Chris Todd; he was overall the best when it came to his creativity, entertainment, interaction and overall wellness of his drinks. 

We were not at all surprised when Chris Todd was announced as the winner of the Bar Rocker competition. Chris will be moving forward and representing Hard Rock Café San Diego in the Las VeIMG_4074gas portion of the competition. This is Chris’ second time winning the Bar Rocker Competition.

Overall, this was a great event and very worthwhile. You humans need to consider attending this event next year and enjoying what it truly has to offer, fun. Although this experience is different for us aliens, the hospitality and entertaining environment created by the Hard Rock Café San Diego humans made us feel right at home. Whenever you’re in the downtown area be sure to stop by and congratulate Chris and the rest of the honorary aliens at Hard Rock Café San Diego.


801 4th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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