Ballast Point Pineapple Sculpin IPA Review
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Making it’s long awaited return from last summer, comes the newest addition to Ballast Point’s IPA lineup – Pineapple Sculpin. Ballast Point has continued to show creative growth over the past year with variants of their hoppy core beers including Ginger Big Eye, Watermelon Dorado, and Mango Even Keel. All of these beers were part of their “IPA Day” celebration, but the one that tapped out the fastest was Pineapple Sculpin. This tropical fruit variant is the third bottled version to the Sculpin lineup that includes Habanero Sculpin and Grapefruit Sculpin. How does this juicy addition rank on it’s own? We aliens got our hands on a six pack and tasted away.

Tropical fruit juicy pineapple

Tropical fruit juicy pineapple

Appearance: Orange gold hues and completely clear.

Aroma: Strong pineapple fruit juiciness, like a fruit cocktail, zesty citrus notes followed by a burst of hops.

Flavor: Pineapple flavors right off the bat but fades quickly. Tangerine and orange zest followed by the base candy-sweet hoppy grapefruity bitterness that is the Sculpin.

Mouthfeel: Semi-sweet syrupy feeling coats the mouth with a semi-dry finish – classic Sculpin.

Overall: The pineapple addition is a sweet one that fades quickly that initially left us with an underwhelming feeling. After having several sips, the sweetness factor came to mind of how it has to be integrated. Sculpin on its own has a sweet candy and strong west coast hop flavor profile of citrus and some grapefruit. This made the Grapefruit variant an obvious choice – flavor strength of hops with flavor strength of the fruit. The pineapple juiciness is so distinct and overpowering that it would take away too much from the Sculpin flavor. Overall, the pineapple aromas and flavors have a strong opening presence and moderately flows into the Sculpin base. If you want more pineapple flavor then just keep drinking more – which isn’t a bad thing. Pineapple Sculpin is currently sold in six-packs and can be found at the brewery and has been shipped out nationwide. Be sure to pickup this latest juicy addition of the Sculpin lineup today.


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