Ballast Point's Mango Even Keel Session IPA
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IMG_6483 Mango Even Keel Session Ale by Ballast Point Brewing

San Diego, CA

3.8% ABV

We’re happy to announce this beer just got released in 12 oz cans TODAY in the San Diego area, canned yesterday. These cans are being released nationwide over the course of the next few weeks, so stay tuned to stores near you so you can grab a six-pack of this refreshing tropical brew. It’s also a session, which means you’ll be able to enjoy even more of this delicious beer without all the side effects. Drink up and enjoy, humans! It’s coming to stores near you!

Appearance: From the can, this beer pours a golden copper color with good clarity and a thick white head. The bubbles are large, and dissipate after just a few minutes, so make sure you drink up immediately to get the full experience.

Smell: The foamy head releases nice, mild bursts of mango and fruity sweetness. As the bubbles die down, you can smell the strong tropical fruit aroma. The smell of ripe mango is so overpowering we could hardly smell the hops or any citrus notes. We also got guava juice and candy-like sweetness, similar to mango gummy candy.IMG_6481

Taste: Right up front, we got an intense hop profile with a slight bitterness. This was surprising. After smelling it you would expect to taste the mango first, but that came later as more of an aftertaste. Citrusy and tropical, this brew is really well-balanced. We enjoyed that it was more of an IPA and less of a “Mango beer” in that the hop profile is strong and the mango essence more subdued on the pallet. However, the powerful mango scents do give it a nice refreshing twist, which we think is fun and interesting. 

Mouthfeel: This beer has a light body with medium carbonation. It is dry and crisp, perfect for a hot summer day or after after a long hike. 

Overall: This is a fun drinking beer. Because of its low alcohol content, you can drink this beer any time of day, with friends, or even after a workout if you want something refreshing without the kick. Or maybe you want to drink three or four and still be able to function, that’s possible with this beer too! We love how even though the nose leads you to believe it’s going to be an overly sweet beer, it’s still just a flavorful hop-forward IPA with some mango essence on the finish. Thanks again, Ballast, for making yet another enjoyable IPA with a little twist!

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