Appearance: This beer paired up against Ballast Point’s blue water backdrop really brings out its red-orange tones, making it look too pretty to drink (almost). It pours a thick foam head, also sporting a magenta color, compliments of its main ingredient – blackberries.

Aroma: Unlike most beers, this sour does not have strong aroma. Given the nature of the procedure in which sours are made, there is a subtle Belgiany scent, with slight hints of berries.

Taste: If you’ve never been to Oregon, a place known for its outstanding craft beers and famous Marion blackberries, all you need to do is sip on this sour and you’re instantly transported to the evergreen state. Sometimes fruit beers can be so intense they end up tasting like just juice, but that is not the case with BP’s Sour Wench Blackberry. With dominating acidic tones, the blackberries are very present, but are by no means overwhelming. In fact, I think it could maybe use just a tiny bit more blackberry flavor. Nonetheless, still a great beer.

Mouthfeel: Characteristic of sours, this beer with leave you with that little “mouth smack” (you know that puckering feeling after you eat something sour) after each sip, followed by a crisp, refreshing tingle.

Overall: This sour has definitely made one of my personal top 5 favorite sours – perfect for sitting on the beach, watching the California sunset.
If you’re just getting into sours, I would recommend using this as a transition into the regular brews.

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