Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits has announced that their distillery will open to the public on January 7th. Ballast Point has expanded their alcoholic beverage options from craft beer to distilled spirits and soon everyone will be able to do tastings and tours.

While us Beer Aliens do not partake in distilled spirits…yet… we are pleased that our friends at Ballast Point have reached this milestone. Perhaps a Beer Alien or few will have to investigate the distilled offerings…

Tasting at Ballast Point distillery

Tasting at Ballast Point distillery

Here is the announcement from Ballast Point:

For many of the folks who have gone through a tour of our brewery and distillery here at Scripps Ranch, a certain disappointment sets in when they realize that sampling our spirits isn’t part of the experience. Luckily, the California legislature realized that seemed a little silly, and as of January 1st, spirits tastings are now legal in distilleries.

Since establishing our distillery, Yuseff has always dreamed of a speakeasy to serve our spirits. Rumor has it, there actually was a makeshift one on our premises at one point…

Well, ever since he caught wind of the new legislation, Yuseff has been hard at work building us a speakeasy-inspired tasting room. And it opens to the public on Tuesday, January 7th.

We’ll host small groups for tastings, four times a day: 1, 3, 5 and 7pm.  Each tasting/tour is $10 and will include 1/4 oz. pours of six of our spirits (the ABC’s limits, not ours). We’ll rotate the offerings based on availability and as we introduce new products, but here’s the initial line-up:

Fugu Vodka
Old Grove Gin
Three Sheets Rum
Three Sheets Barrel Aged Rum
Devil’s Share Moonshine
Devil’s Share Bourbon

You can sign up for one of the daily time slots in our main tasting room’s shop area…space will be limited.

No password required to get in, just an appreciation for fine spirits.

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