IMG_9215We invaded the Ballast Point Little Italy location last night on the hunt for their SDBW specialty beers. We have to say that once again Ballast Point showcases their creativity when it comes to brewing. They took some of their fan favorites and added a beer week twist to it. We got our hands on quite the impressive lineup: Watermelon Dorado, Tangerine Dorado, Mango Even Keel, Pineapple Sculpin, Mango Sculpin, Cremesicle Fathom, Passionfruit Grunion, & Boob Check.

Here’s a little breakdown of the lineup:

Watermelon Dorado is their original double IPA with watermelon. It comes in at 10% ABV. You can definitely taste the watermelon but it still has a strong backbone that the watermelon doesn’t hide. It tastes like a 10% beer.

Tangerine Dorado is their original double IPA with a tangerine twist. It also comes in at 10% ABV but the tangerine does a better job of blending with the backbone of this beer. The citrus plays well with the hops and was definitely more drinkable in larger quantities.

IMG_9210Mango Even Keel is their session IPA with Mango. It comes in at 3.8% ABV and is easily something you could drink all night long or all day long for that matter. The beer has an enticing mango aroma and the taste follows with the mango shinning through. This was one of our favorite variations of the night.

Pineapple Sculpin is their award winning IPA with pineapple. This beer comes in at 7% ABV. The aroma of pineapple is present, but the taste is more subtle. The more you sipped on this beer the more the pineapple taste lingered in your mouth. Definitely an interesting take on an old classic.

Mango Sculpin is their award winning IPA with mango. Also at 7% ABV, the aroma of mango is present. Unlike it’s pineapple counterpart the mango taste comes through a little stronger and plays well with the hops.

Cremescile Fathom is their IPL with orange zest and sweet vanilla. It has an ABV of 7%. This beer smells like a cremescile and takes you back to those days of waiting outside for the ice cream man to come. If you have been lucky to have this beer by Ballast Point before you will be surprised that this batch is slightly more bitter than its predecessors.

Passionfruit Grunion is a hoppy American Pale Ale with passionfruit. It has an ABV of 5.5% and was the other shinning star of the evening. The passionfruit paired extremely well with this hoppy beer and made it extremely sessionable for drinking. Another great variation that you could drink all day or all night long.

Boob Check is their Breast Cancer awareness Ale brewed with cherry, honey, hibiscus, and tangy lime. It had an ABV of 7%. The flavors were very subtle in this beer and not as strong as we would have liked. But it’s a great beer for a great cause so definitely worth checking out!

IMG_9218They are also doing a special everyday at each other their tasting rooms. They pick a beer of the day and if you order a pint of that beer they will give you a free limited edition SDBW Ballast Point Pint Glass!

Be sure to get your hands on these special beers before they disappear! You can find out more about Ballast Point by visiting their website: or by following them on their social media: Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.  They have also created a San Diego Beer Week Events Schedule for each other their locations here:

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