Ballast Point Brewing Company – California Kölsch Review

Ballast Point Brewing Company – California Kölsch Review

Ballast Point Brewing Company – California Kölsch Review


Here is another smooth and refreshing brew from San Diego’s own Ballast Point! “Hopped like a Lager” and brewed with both American and Munich hops, the California Kolsch German Style Pale Ale is not only smooth but very drinkable.  A beer that goes perfect with summer and everything that comes with it, BBQ’s, the beach, warm weather and friends. A beer that has a little something for everyone so what are you waiting for, get out and try one! Cheers!

20160609_172727Appearance: Pours a crisp and clean golden color. Almost no head as it compacts and settles very quickly.

Aroma: Just like stated before, it smells like a Lager with a combination of malty goodness

Taste: At first its lager roots shine through that then shifts to a more modern pale ale flavor with a hint of sweetness. German and American hops pair nicely with neither being too overpowering. Crisp and smooth leaving the drinker wanting more!

Mouthfeel: Modern to medium amount of carbonation that suits it nicely and lends a hand to its drinkability  and refreshing nature. A very mild sweet aftertaste.

Overall:  Very solid Pale Ale/Lager. No crazy flavors or an outrageous amount of hops here.  Lager aroma and Pale Ale backbone make this a very refreshing beer for your summertime activities. Really solid beer that has a little something that everyone can enjoy. Crisp and smooth with great German and American hop flavor without overdoing it. Try it out with Ballast Point’s suggested pairings of Pickled Beet Salad, Honey Comb, and Huevos Rancheros.

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