Today’s amazing feature was a West Coast themed Red India Pale Ale called Sacrifice by Aztec Brewing Company, coming in at 7.6%

Appearance: Deep red amber color, slight haze with fluffy tan reddish-tinged mousse-like head perched on top of fast rising bubbles, excellent head retention through the entire serving.

Taste: Roasted, unsweetened dark chocolate with notes of rich, sweet dark caramel, and moderate orange bitterness.  Very noticeable but not obnoxious alcohol warmth at the front and middle.

Smell: Dark roasted chocolate caramel, dark red cherry with a hint of allspice, and persistent ripe orange.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light dry body, high carbonation, medium-high astringency, clean dry finish.

Big roasty, dark chocolate cocoa covered orange and cherry aromas & flavors exploded out of this serving, with a mousse-like head reminiscent of a froth-topped mocha, and yet was refreshingly carbonated, easy to drink and finished dry with a palate cleansing finish. It seemed more malt-forward to me, but there was an undeniable citrus presence throughout the serving.  It would make a great match for any bold and spicy food item, but I would especially enjoy pairing it with a variety of rich desert cakes that featured cream cheese frosting!

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