Avery Brewing Co. - White Rascal Review
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Avery Brewing Co. – White Rascal Review

ABV | 5.6%
IBU | 22

Appearance: When poured it looks slightly hazy almost a light gold color. The White Rascal has a frothy white head that clears pretty quickly but retains a small light head.

Aroma: The first aromas that come to one as they catch a whiff are citrus, some banana and light malt. The coriander also presents a certain spiciness that is present throughout.IMG_4505

Flavor: At first this beer is tart then sweet, the palate opens up with a surge of citrus, banana and malt. Whether it is at a BBQ that you humans participate in or a night out with your friends, this beer is ready made for any occasion. The coriander used in the beer is present and doesn’t overpower the other notes that are present in the beer.

Mouthfeel: This style of beer has smooth body, with low carbonation that adds to the pleasant drinkability of the beer.

Overall Impression: This beer is smooth and none of the flavors overpower one another, which makes this well balanced and pleasant to drink. Be sure to check out Avery Brewing Company for this beer or many of their other great craft beers.

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