The Homebrewer Planning New Nanobrewery in North Park

I've been shopping at The Homebrewer in North Park since they opened about a year ago. Owner George Thorton has decided to open the location after leaving Home Brews & Gardens (now Thorn Street Brewing) to start their own homebrew supply store.
hamilton's tavern

Santa’s Secret Stash, December 19, 2013

Santa's Secret Stash is an event put on by Scott Blair, owner of Hamilton's Tavern, Small Bar and Monkey Paw. This is a unique event where all three locations have rare beers, that have been stashed away, on draft and cask with small tasters so you can try as many as possible.
bourbon county brand stout

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2013 Review

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout is one of those elusive, limited beers in Southern California. Lucky for me, I have friends with great beer collections who brought a bottle of the 2011 version of Bourbon County Brand Stout on a brewery tour bus.
alesmith yulesmith winter

AleSmith YuleSmith (Winter) Beer Review

This brings me to my favorite brewery, AleSmith and their winter version of YuleSmith. There are two versions of YuleSmith, a summer and winter version. The summer version is an imperial IPA while the winter version is a hoppy American amber ale. Now that it's mid-November, you can find the winter version on shelves and in your local beer bars.
lost abbey merry taj

Lost Abbey to Release First Ever IPA

San Marcos craft brewers The Lost Abbey is set to release Merry Taj IPA. It will come as a winter seasonal IPA to be released only in kegs to be found at your local beer bars.
ballast point piper down

Ballast Point Piper Down Beer Review

Ballast Point Piper Down is considered a Scottish Ale. This style of beer is typically noted for being less hoppy and more malt centered than most English or American ales. Piper Down is no exception. This is a malt forward beer with very little hop taste.
alpine pure hoppiness

Alpine Pure Hoppiness IPA Beer Review

Here in San Diego, we are exposed to an abundance of hoppy beer. Alpine Pure Hoppiness, would fall into that category. Many of us have had iconic west coast IPA's such as Russian River's Pliny the Elder, Green Flash's West Coast IPA and Ballast Point's Sculpin. Not everyone has experienced the elusive Alpine Pure Hoppiness.
Evil Twin Justin Blåbær Beer Review

Evil Twin Justin Blåbær Beer Review

I poured Justin Blåbær into a tulip glass and it poured about the same color as grapefruit juice. It was cloudy with a slight red and purple color. The head was a fluffy pink color that quickly disappeared to nothing. There was absolutely no lacing. This beer looked amazing!
stone double bastard

Stone Double Bastard Ale 2013 Beer Review

I was given a Stone Double Bastard Ale 22-ounce bottle by BeerAlien Raymond. I had tried Double Bastard years ago, and was eager to give it another try. This is the big daddy of the famous Arrogant Bastard Ale and clocks in at 11.2% ABV and a pretty big emphasis on malty sweetness, high alcohol and hop bitterness.
Modern Times Fortunate Islands in a Can

Beer Review: Modern Times Fortunate Islands

This alien has been hearing about Modern Times Beer for quite some time. There had been buzz for months on how this new brewery had some well known talent, at the start. I guess their retro 1950's looking branding and overbearing internet buzz, made me a bit skeptical. After analyzing human DNA all day, I made my way over to Bine & Vine and picked up a 16oz can of Modern Times Fortunate Islands. I took the beer back to the mothership for analysis. I poured the beer into a tulip glass and the findings were remarkable.
black market quadrophenia

Beer Review: Black Market Quadrophenia

To me, the Belgian Quadruple is the best style of beer.  Yeah, it’s a bit rich in flavor and expensive, but once I had a St. Bernardus or a Westvleteren 12, I knew this was the best style of beer I have ever ha... Read More...

Tasting Room Review: The Bruery

The Bruery beers and expected a large tasting room. The room had glass windows so you can see some of the fermenters in the brewing area. In the tasting room there were lots of tables and they were packed.

Tasting Room Review: Benchmark Brewing Company

I had heard about this small brewery near my residence called Benchmark Brewing Company. This is nestled down in the Grantville neighborhood in San Diego City right near Highway 8 and I-15. It's located in a quiet industrial park on Fairmount Avenue.

Beer Review: Stone/10 Barrell/ Blue Jacket – Suede Imperial Porter

Stone/10 Barrell/Blue Jacket Suede Imperial Porter to examine from BeerAlien Raymond. It was a hot weekend and it was delivered to me already cold. I let it warm up a bit and poured it into a chalice to view the ruby brown color with a tan head that dissipates to a creamy ring that leaves light lacing down the glass.