helm's beeruccino

Helms Beeruccino Review

I am on a staycation and was out of my regular espresso I drink in the morning.  I made my way down to Bine & Vine to pick up a coffee stout and came across Beeruccino by Helm's Brewing Co.  I had tried thi... Read More...
modern times fortunate islands

Modern Times Looking For New Brewer

In their short time being open, Modern Times has put out some great beer.  My personal favorite is Fortunate Islands, their wheat, session, hoppy, tropical paradise of a beer.  Well, they are now looking for a ... Read More...
stone saison

Stone to Release Saison

Stone Brewing Co. looks to branch off from their hop-forward beers that they are known for, to go with the spicy Belgian saison style ale.  I, for one, encourage Stone to break out of their mold, and explore ne... Read More...
stone go to ipa

Stone Go To IPA Review 2

Stone's Go To IPA is considered a session IPA.  This means a low alcohol IPA and a few other examples are Lagunitas DayTime IPA and Port Brewing Wipeout IPA.  Both of these are great examples of this recent bee... Read More...
keg sale

Be responsible with kegs

Craftbeer.com has posted a very interesting writeup on proper etiquette regarding kegs.  Many people get a keg from their local brewery, pay the deposit and feel that they own the keg if they do not get their d... Read More...
ipa glass

Glassware Review: IPA Glass

So I had heard about these for some time and finally picked up a pair of them from Bed Bath & Beyond for about $19 for the two.  As a guy who likes to hang out in the /r/beerporn section of Reddit, I k... Read More...

Review: Sonoma Ciders

The kind humans at Sonoma Cider sent us 1 bottle each, of their 3 cider varieties.  We decided to try these during the mash stage of our BelMartian IPA.  Each alien poured a small taster and we exchanged tastin... Read More...
Culture Brewing

Culture Brewing Co. Tasting Room Review

New Years is a human holiday where lots of beer is consumed.  This sounded ideal to me so I went to seek out beer to consume that night.  I happened to be in the Del Mar area and discovered Culture Br... Read More...
the bruery white chocolate

The Bruery Explains Recent Quality Issues

The Bruery has been well known for great quality ales specializing in sours and barrel aged ales. Recently issues have come up where some of their most sought after beers have been a bit off
Ironfire Brewing 51/50 IPA

Ironfire Brewing 51/50 IPA Review

I hoped Ironfire Brewing Co. would redeem themselves with their 51/50 IPA. I went over their bottle labels, and how hard they were to tell apart in the Six Killer Stout review
Midnight Sun Moscow

Midnight Sun Moscow Russian Imperial Stout

Midnight Sun Moscow poured black with a thick tan head that sticks around and leaves little lacing but coats the glass with oily, dark caramel looking layer. I often prefer stouts to not have a white head, so visually, this ale was gorgeous! The smell was absolutely wonderful.
coronado stupid stout

Coronado Brewing Co Stupid Stout Review

Stupid Stout, by Coronado Brewing Company is a much welcome surprise. I had known Coronado for their Blue Bridge Coffee Stout, Orange Ave Wit, Mermaid Red and Islander IPA.