On Dec 18, 2015 Anheuser-Busch announced an agreement to acquire Four Peaks Brewing Company. The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild, which supports all local craft brewers in the state, is assessing the impact of this announcement.  

Many of our members are personally happy for the owners and employees of Four Peaks Brewing Company. Consolidation, however, represents a threat to local breweries because it affects our ability to gain access to markets, raw ingredients and resources. The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild is assessing how this acquisition will affect the industry and our local breweries.  

Four Peaks Brewing Company has been a part of the Arizona craft brewing scene for 20 years. Their history in our state is a very big part of our future. We appreciate everything they have done for Arizona’s craft beer industry and we know that Brewmaster Andy Ingram, other owners and their more than 300 employees will continue to be a part of moving the industry forward.  

Because the brewing community has always been a collegial network that supports the overall industry, we anticipate that Four Peaks will continue to work with local breweries and maintain a collaborative relationship with the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild.  

As the Guild has done since 1998, it will continue to support Arizona craft beer in a variety of ways including legislative and educational efforts.For more about the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild and its members, visit CraftBeerAZ.com


About The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild:

The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild was established in 1998 and represents more than 75 breweries, breweries in the planning stages, craft beer bars, partners and distributors across the state of Arizona. The guild promotes the craft brewing industry in Arizona by providing educational opportunities to brewers, distributors and consumers. The guild promotes quality craft beers and the responsible consumption of those products.


More info on Four Peaks Brewing: http://www.fourpeaks.com

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